Kid Foodie’s family had a long day in town this past Sunday and typical them — they didn’t pack lunch. So they tried out the newest sandwich shop in town called Jimmy Johns. The nice thing about this place is that they offer an “un-wich” option which substitutes lettuce for bread. What’s even nicer is that it’s the same price. Most places charge extra for gluten free options and sometimes you even end up getting less food! Crazy!

Kid Foodie and his mom had eaten here once before and both really enjoyed the unwiches. So it was time for everyone to try it. Kid Foodie ordered the “Italian” unwich that comes loaded with meats and cheeses.

Rather surprisingly, Kid Foodie was not able to finish his lunch in one sitting. He almost made it. But not quite. I think it’s incentive for him to come back and give it another go.

What about you — Have you tried a lettuce wrap in place of bread? Are you tempted to give it a try? Tell us what you think.


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  1. Janica says:

    I just wanted to say I have been told that the jimmy johns cheeses are not gluten free… Hopefully they have changed that! He looks like he loves them@

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